Jon Sabes Triathlon Memoirs:St. Paul Triathlon 2004 Sprint Distance

December 21, 2012

This was the race I learned to swim free style.  As we entered the water, I noted a stiff 15 mph head wind from the South, such that the high profile of my side stroke made it such that I was swimming in place.  Without any option, I was forced to put my head down and start moving my arms, and breathing on my side.  Miraculously, I learned to swim free style right then and there, and I found that it was not that difficult, that I could do it, and I moved fairly fast through the water.  The sprint distance allowed me to give good chase on the bike and run.  The race day was a fun and competitive event.  The energy of the group throughout the day was contagious.  On this day, I became hooked on triathlons.


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