Jon Sabes Triathlon Adventures: Square Lake 2004 Olympic Distance Triathlon

December 22, 2012

This was a unique race day for me.  If there was any doubt I was hooked, after completing this race I became a true convert.  First of all, Square Lake in early September is as beautiful of place as you will ever visit.  The mist coming off the marsh as you drive through a sun rise gives you a feeling that today will be a special day.  As I got off the bike, and on to the run, my legs were sluggish and chunky.  Within the first mile, a competitor came up on me, and it was at that point I decided he was not going to pass me.  I picked my pace up, found a new base, and then accelerated past him.  In fact once I accelerated I never stopped.  On this day I ran five miles at an average pace of 6:47 min/mile, one of my best runs ever.


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