Jon Sabes: Ironman Wisconsin 2012 Triathlon Results – The second time is a charm! Well not necessarily in Ironman events.  Every event is a mental and physical challenge that requires immense focus and determination in order to complete the race.  This was my second Ironman event in Wisconsin.  It had been two years since my first race, after I had decided to take […]


Jon Sabes: Chisago Half-Iron 2011 Triathlon – Half-Iron distance triathlons are never easy – that much I can tell you.  When you train for Ironman distance events, your mind becomes lazy as you approach a half-iron event.  However, when you are deep into your 56 mile ride, you realize that the day is only half over.  The 13.1 mile run at the […]

Jon Sabes: Liberty Triathlon 2011 Half-Iron – I know the Liberty race and today was a good day.  When you sign up for the Liberty Half-iron you are committing to an early start for a summer of endurance fun.  The early June date always leaves the possibility or really hot or really cold.  Today was moderate, with a slight drizzle on the […]

Jon Sabes: Ironman Wisconsin 2010 Triathlon Results – My first Ironman enough said.  The race day was amazing.  I am the type of competitor who always seeks to have fun in the sport of event of choice – after all this is not the Olympics and I don’t expect to win the race.  So my motto is: “Life is short, enjoy it.”  […]